At Míleata we design and develop watches for the hazardous worlds of military and law enforcement. We combine the best materials to produce the strongest and most reliable watches. We have many years’ experience designing and building handmade watches, and we are turning this knowledge into a watch brand to serve those who serve.

Míleata is an Irish company and in case you were wondering what the name “Míleata” means, it is “military” in the Irish language  😉

Míleata is pronounced “Mil – it – ta”

All our watches are designed in and assembled by hand in Ireland.

What we do

  • We build tough and durable watches for military and law enforcement.
  • We design everything, assemble everything, regulate everything, and you guesed it, we test everything before it leaves here.
  • We custom design our watches to match your uniform colours.*

What we don’t do

  • Bling
  • Gimmicks
  • Fashion watches
  • Rip off other watch designs

Where to find us

  • We sell direct to you
  • or ask your military kit supplier to contact us for wholesale pricing.

Where you won’t find us

  • Cheap watch shops at shopping malls.


For larger orders we can provide custom colours to match your uniform, and incorporate logos on the dial or caseback.

We are always looking for top military distributors worldwide, so if this is you please  contact us  for details.

*Custom options only available through wholesale orders.

Míleata is part of  Sea Air & Sport Watch Company Ltd

Míleata is registered with SAM (System for Award Management) DUNS Number 986019205