Professional military grade watches

Designed, assembled, regulated, and tested in Ireland

Míleata is a dedicated military watch manufacturer producing high grade professional watches for military and law enforcement. Our watches are designed to be tough, comfortable and legible and to compliment military and law enforcement uniforms.

Designed with the latest technology and using only the best materials, Míleata watches is one of the leading military watch brands on the market today, but we like to go a step further. We looked at all the environments that military and law enforcement encounter; water, mud and sand, hot and cold temperatures, with strong vibrations and shocks and designed the watch to excel in these conditions. Our watch has been tested to withstand pressures down to 500 meters and we provide anti-magnetic protection to all our automatic movements. 

So, if you are looking for a proper purpose built military watch then you are in the right place. Check out our website and if you need any more information we are only an email away…

M- Series

The M-Series is our collection of automatic watches.

Every watch has been regulated to 6 positions and tested to 500 meters for water resistance. They are protected from magnetism and have shock protection.


We are introducing a new quartz line using the same tough case.


Did you know Míleata has a sister brand?

Our other brand SAS Watch Company Ltd, produces professional divers and pilot watches. This year marks our 10th anniversary, check us out..